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PLACES OF INTEREST : Recreation & Sports


Kedah is a haven for sports enthusiasts or those seeking recreational holidays. Most hotels and resorts are well laid out with amenities and infrastructures for visitors to partake in any activities be it water based, out door or golfing.


With a natural setting of varied landscape and sunshine all year round, Kedah hosts a wide range of challenging sports events. Information pertaining to the annual calendar event is easily obtainable at any of the hotels in which the visitors are put up. Over the years Kedah has been gearing itself for all types of outdoor sports and recreational with a focus on water based activities, Wind surfing, canoeing, swimming, board sailing, pleasure cruises, rock climbing, jungle trekking are some of the activities which are popular among tourists. There are also jet-skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling.  The sea and the inland lakes are idle venues for such activities. Whether you opt for scuba diving, wind surf with the trade winds, test your endurance and stamina on a grueling mountain trek or idle on golden sandy beach beneath a gently swaying palm tree, there are plenty more activities to experience while in Kedah.


At the end of the year when the biannually held Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition or known as LIMA, is held in the tourism island of Langkawi. This is the region?s showcase of the latest in aerospace, naval and air defense and civil aviation. Catch the daily air shows or get on board some of the best naval ships from participating countries. Another prestigious happening in Langkawi is the ?LeTour De Langkawi? which is flagged off in Kedah.  The cycling event, which is a gathering of some of the best pedal power in the world, is fast becoming another Tour De France? in an the world cycling map. Fishing is another sport which could be a hit with visitors as there are a wide variety of freshwater fish in Kedah.




4WD enthusiasts converge upon this trail in the quest for some challenge and exciting exploration amidst the remote, dense forest haven. Located within the Ulu Muda Eco Park, Lasor affords much more super obstacles that demand extreme endurance, perseverance, energy and ingenuity to achieve personal triumph. The journey from Alor Star takes 1 hour 45 minutes or just 30 minutes from Baling to Kampung Lubuk Pelanduk where there would be the services of 4WD vehicles only to take visitors for another 11km to the Park. The remote forest is also an ideal playground for adventure-seekers to try their hand at river rafting, jungle-trekking and mountain-climbing. Teambuilding activities such as flying fox, obstacle training, orienteering and map reading can be arranged for groups. Overnight visitors can choose from longhouse-style accommodation, chalets or camp sites.


Facilities provided here are a dining hall, surau, bathrooms, as well as areas for recreational, motivational and physical activities. Also available are long-house, chalet and camping accommodation. Besides 4x4 endurance challenge, activities that could be carried here are forest ecology and wildlife studies. Best of all, visitors are accessible to forest, river and hill explorations.





For those who have a yen for adventures off the beaten track, this remote and undisturbed dipterocarp forest at the border of Malaysia and Thailand is sheer paradise. The Ulu Muda Eco Park is situated within the Ulu Muda forest, a reserve that sprawls some 120,000 ha. It blankets nearly one third of Kedah?s forested land. Said to be one of the richest in the country in terms of wildlife, the area is haven for nearly 109 species of mammals, 174 species of birds, 54 species of reptiles and 33 species of fish. Elephants, tigers, rhinoceros, seladang (gaur), sun bears and tapirs roam free in the dense wilderness and the nine salt-licks here provide an opportunity for visitors to see their footprints. Careful and patient observers might even catch a glimpse of the wildlife.


Ulu Muda is also touted to be one of the best bird-watching spots in the country. Some 200 species including the Red-crowned Barbet, Large Wren Babblers and Hooded Pitta make their home here. Ulu Muda Eco Park is situated in the northeast of Kedah, bordering Thailand. It is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Alor Star. Visitors are advised to get the services of authorised tour guides to make the necessary arrangements. For group tours, prior permission must be sought from the Kedah State Forestry Department. Visitors can access the park by road or arrange for a boat trip from the small village of Gubir. Further trekking is required to enter the park. Overnight accommodation is available at the Muda Resort. For further information, please contact Tourism Malaysia Kedah Office.


Entry permit: RM5.00 /person




For visitors to Sedim, the adventure does not end with a visit to the places mentioned above. The Gunung Inas Forest Reserve is an ideal playground for various eco-adventures such as jungle-trekking, mountain-hiking, camping as well as teambuilding programmes. Gunung Inas at 1,454m is a favourite among mountaineers for its challenging terrain. Another popular peak is Gunung Bintang, which stands at 1,862 m. A trek to its summit will reward climbers with interesting sights such as a bonsai garden, clear streams and exotic plants. Many more thrills await at Gunung Bintang Utara, standing at 1,835m.




Pantai Merdeka Kedah?s favourite beach on the mainland, Pantai Merdeka is in the Kuala Muda district about 30km from Sungai Petani or 40km from Butterworth. An enchanting beach shaded by tall swaying palm trees, Pantai Merdeka is an inviting spot to picnic or laze away the hours in the sun. Water skiing and sailing are also popular along its coastline. If camping out on a coral island is your kind of holiday dream, the nearby island of Pulau Bidan, just one kilometres long and half a kilometres wide, is the answer. Its long, white, sandy beach attracts a heavy weekend crowd. There are island-hopping trips to the neighbouring islands of Pulau Bidan, Pulau Telur and Pulau Songsong available on hired boats. There is a cave close to the beach where some historical artifacts have been found.


Getting There :

From Alor Setar take a bus to Sungai Petani and from there board another bus for Kota. At Kota, change buses to reach Pantai Merdeka. To get there by taxi, either hire a taxi from Alor Setar to Pantai Merdeka or to Sungai Petani. From Sungai Petani, proceed to Pantai Merdeka by bus or taxi.



Sungai Petani



Located half an hour from Penang, in the charming town of Sungai Petani, it is an 8 hole par 72 international golf course that is designed to appeal to golfers of all skill levels. Includes facilities such as resort accommodation Golf Academy food and beverage outlets, a health club and an equestrian centre.



Bandar Darul Aman, Jitra



The 18-hole golf course is spread across 10 acres of gently undulating landscape lined with trees hillocks arid glimmering lakes stretching as far as the eye can see It is a par 72 course designed to challenge amateurs and professionals alike. Remarkably Darul Aman Golf & Country Club is the second golf club in Malaysia to be awarded ISO 9001:2000. Strategically located just 5 minutes from Bandar Darulaman interchange on the North-South-Highway; 10 minutes from Sultan Abdul Halim Airport; 15 minute from Alor Star town and half an hour from Bukit Kay Hitam. It offers an opportunity to unwind and relax and enjoy a vacation in nature.



Bukit Kayu Hitam


World?s first fairways within a free trade zone, it boasts an I 8-hole par 72 championship golf course at Bukit Kayu Hitam. Sculpted out of the natural lush forest with undulating fairways, the international golfing resort offers both challenging and pleasurable golfing experiences.

PLACES OF INTEREST : Recreation & Sports