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KUCHING : Shopping




Kuching is an excellent place to buy Borneo arts, crafts and curios.


Particular items to look out for are Iban pua kumbu (hand-woven rugs), wooden hornbill carvings used in rituals, and silver jewellery, Bidayuh basket weaving, Orang Ulu beadwork and woodcarving, and Penan blowpipes and mats. Most of the antique and curio shops are scattered along Main Bazaar, with a few in the Padungan area. Whilst a few are laid out like elegant galleries, most are crammed full with every possible variety of Sarawakian bric-a-brac, and items from Brunei, Kalimantan and Sabah.


Fabriko, set in a lovingly restored Chinese shophouse on Main Bazaar, has interesting souvenirs, exclusive textiles and fashion items downstairs whilst the upper two floors house a gallery and showroom. Other well-established outlets on Main Bazaar include Native Arts, Nelson?s Gallery, Rainforest, Sarawak House and Arts of Asia, all offering quality antiques and handicrafts at reasonable prices. The Telang Usan hotel has a small outlet specialising in Orang Ulu and Penan crafts, including some excellent modern beadwork and traditional headgear.


Prices of handicrafts are not always fixed so you may have to bargain. If you have the time it?s best to shop around and get a rough idea before buying. Certain antiques require an export permit from the Sarawak Museum. The more established shops can assist with this and with shipping arrangements (if required). Most art and craft shops close on Sundays. Note: Australian and New Zealand authorities insist that wood and bone handicrafts are fumigated upon arrival.


For more general shopping, the main malls are Riverside Shopping Centre (next to the Crowne Plaza), which includes a Parkson department store, Sarawak Plaza (next to the Holiday Inn) and Tun Jugah (opposite Sarawak Plaza) which has a good range of outlets selling men's and women's fashions. Other good places to go bargain hunting are Electra House (next to the Covered Market), Wisma Hopoh ( Jln P, Ramlee) and Wisma Satok ( Jln Satok).


ATELIER GALLERY - 104 Main Bazaar (opposite Chinese History Museum)


An unusual and eclectic selection of handicrafts, objects d?art, hand-made furniture and antiques from all over Southeast Asia. Visitors are welcome to browse through the extensive library of art and design books. The place just oozes style, and proprietor Lucas Goh describes himself on his business card as "curator," which should give you a good idea of what to expect.


GALLERIA - Wesberly House, Rubber Road West


Well lit and spacious gallery displaying the work of some of Sarawak?s most interesting painters, including Melton Kias, Sylvester Jussem, Raphael Scott Ahbeng and Magdalene Tai. Also displays the work of emerging artists from throughout Southeast Asia. Well worth a visit. Short taxi ride from city centre.


KUCHING WATERFRONT BAZAAR - Wesberly House, Rubber Road West


Located in the historic Sarawak Steamship Building, this handicrafts centre is a shopper?s paradise, with dozens of stalls selling all kinds of Sarawak handicrafts, souvenirs and memorabilia. Open daily until 10:00pm, long after the Main Bazaar outlets have closed. Ideal for last minute gift and souvenir shopping.


SARAKRAFT PAVILION - Ground Floor Sarawak Plaza


Traditional and contemporary art and handicrafts with a built-in "feel-good factor." Sarakraf was set up to help develop Sarawak?s handicrafts industry and improve the economic situation of rural craftspeople. Most of their products are guaranteed "made in Sarawak," and you can be sure the producers have been fairly rewarded for their creative efforts. Also stocks a selection of photography books and cassettes and CD's of indigenous music.



Tel: 425 652     Fax: 445 311


Indoor showroom plus outdoor stalls featuring top quality Sarawak handicrafts, whose authenticity is guaranteed by the Sarawak Craft Council. Some of the items on sale are produced by the craft demonstrators who showcase their skills here. They also have a stylish range of ceramic bead jewellery, which can be customised to order. Open Mon - Fri from 8.30am to 5.00pm (12 midday on Sat, Sun and public holidays).




The colourful Sunday market at Kuching's Jalan Satok offers household items, fresh farm produce, clothes, unique souvenirs, and exotic jungle products. Started in 1980 by the Kuching Municipal Council to allow unlicensed hawkers to sell consumer products, the market has become very popular over the years. It is one of the highlights of a visit to Kuching. Although it's called a Sunday market, activities start from 2 pm on Saturday and end at noon on Sunday. The traders are mostly women from areas outside Kuching like Bau, Sematan, Lundu, Siburan, Asajaya and Padawan who bring in delicacies and unusual fruits not found elsewhere. For example, the mulong grub is collected from dead sago trunks.


Edible wild herbs such as midin and paku uban (jungle ferns) are sold along with belimbing Sarawak and the dabai fruit. A popular food product is the ikan terubuk masin (salted fish) available in abundance.




The Spring is the latest shopping mall in Kuching, Sarawak, to welcome visitors for an exciting shopping experience. Officiated in January 2008 by the Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, The Spring is the most spacious shopping space with the biggest variety of retail outlets under one roof in Sarawak. The Spring has 420,000 square feet of retail space, 150 shops, and 1,500 parking lots. Its main tenants are Parkson Department Store, a gourmet supermarket, a food bazaar and an 8-screen state-of-art cineplex. All are integrated in a revolutionary two-storey building with entrances and exits from all four directions. Situated in a posh neighbourhood of South Kuching, the two-storey mall accommodates renowned retail brands including Esprit, Guess, Hush Puppies, Sony, Starbucks Coffee and Pierre Cardin to name a few.




Kuching is well known for its unique, locally-influenced Chinese pottery. Most potteries are located out of town on Jln Penrissen. Visitors are welcome. Just take a bus (STC 3, 3A, 9A, or 9B from the bus station or outside the post office) or taxi and ask for the potteries. If you don?t have time to go and watch the potters at work, many antique and souvenir shops stock their wares.


EXOTIC PLANTS - Jalan Taman Budaya (near the Civic Centre)


Garden Friend sells a range of rare and exotic local plants, including orchids, palms, shrubs and pitcher plants (nepenthes). They also stock gift items such as posters of pitcher plants and nepenthes gift vials.




For centuries Sarawak has exported top quality bird's nests to China. Today, a number of retailers in Kuching specialise in the sale and export of these exotic delicacies. Prices are significantly cheaper than elsewhere (e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore or West Malaysia) and the quality is excellent.




Traditional Music: CD?s of traditional music from Sarawak can be found at Sarakraf outlets, handicraft shops on Main Bazaar and the shop at the Sarawak Cultural Village.




The Bidayuh village of Serikin, just over an hour?s drive from Kuching, holds a bustling weekend market where Indonesian traders cross over the border to sell their wares at bargain prices. Popular items include batik fabrics, clothing, traditional medicines and handicrafts (especially bamboo and rattan mats and baskets). Harbour View Hotel frequently arranges day trips on Saturdays and Sundays, and mini-vans leave from the lane behind the Saujana Car Park.




Malaysia is a major world producer and exporter of pepper, producing around 25,000 tonnes annually, of which 98% is grown in Sarawak. This valuable cash crop provides an important source of income for over 60,000 rural families. Visitors traveling outside Kuching should not miss the chance to visit a pepper garden. High-quality Sarawak pepper in various forms and packaging's, and a host of pepper-based products, are widely available in Kuching.

KUCHING : Shopping