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PLACES OF INTEREST : Must Visit Places


Besides the sun, sea and sail factor, there are many activities awaiting you in Langkawi. These include simple jungle treks to guided bird-watching outings, kayaking through mangroves and mountain walks. For the more adventurous, there is the Langkawi Canopy Adventures. Thrill-seekers will enjoy the ride of their life along wire cables strung between tall trees high up in the rainforest canopy. The view from the canopy is simply magnificent. For something different, try horse riding into the pristine rainforests, passing by rubber estates, golf courses and villages. Spot interesting flora and fauna along the way, or rest along the cool mountain stream. Horse riding along the beach is also available.




The Craft Cultural Complex is located on the northern coastline of Langkawi Island in the vicinity of Teluk Yu, about 30 minutes drive from the airport or 45 minutes from Kuah town. Nestled on a hillside overlooking the sea, the magnificent complex offers a wide range of Malaysian handicraft such as delicate hand-drawn batik and intricately carved silverware.




Located at Kubang Badak, some 32 km from Kuah, is home to more than 1,000 crocodiles of various species. Here, one can witness and photograph crocodiles and alligators playing and feeding in a controlled environment that closely resembles their natural habitat.


Open : 9.00am - 6.00pm (daily)

Admission : RM7.00 (adult) & RM5.00 (child).






About 11 km from Kuah, houses an impressive collection of over 2,500 state gifts and awards presented to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah bt Mohd Ali. The exhibits at the gallery include crystal ware and gifts fashioned out of wood, leather, silver, copper, pewter. ceramics and glass. There are also musical instruments, Islamic art and craft, textiles and weapons. Be inspired by the intricate Islamic architectural designs which adorn the gallery?s ceiling.


Open : 9.00am -5.00pm (daily)




To the North of the Lake is Gua Langsir (Cave of the Banshee) which is reputedly haunted. The belief may have come about because of the noises made by thousands of bats which live in the interior of the 91m high cave.




Kampung Buku Malaysia in Langkawi is the first and only book village in South-east Asia. It is part of the International Book Villages and Book Towns Movement. It is located just 10 minutes from the Langkawi International Airport and 15 minutes from the Ferry Terminal. Situated amidst a lush green forest at the foot of Gunung Raya, the highest peak on the island, the book village provides hook lovers a tranquil setting to indulge in their hobby.  The various houses in the village are stocked with a great variety 0f new books on numerous topics and languages as well as second-hand, rare and antiquarian books.


Open : 9.00am - 6.00pm (Daily).




With its fabled and historical past is a significant site on the island that has been preserved for posterity. Located about 12 km from Kuah, this memorial is erected in honour of Mahsuri, a fair maiden who was unjustly accused of adultery. According to legend, she bled white blood at her execution as a sign of her innocence. In her dying breath, she laid a curse on the island that it would remain barren for seven generations. Factor fiction, seven generation have since passed and today, Langkawi is a flourishing tourist destination. There is also a museum here where tourists can view a recorded interpretation of the Mahsuri legend.


Open : 8.00am - 6.30pm





Highlights the history, heritage and development of paddy cultivation as the oldest agricultural industry in Malaysia. Among the attractions here is a rice museum displaying artifacts, charts and photographs depicting the significance of paddy cultivation in the country. For the uninitiated, try your hand at paddy planting using both traditional as well as modern methods of cultivation. There is also a restaurant offering popular traditional Malay recipes and local delicacies, which are prepared using rice as the main ingredient.


Open : 9.00am - 5.00pm (daily)




Asia?s first fully covered walkway bird park is home to over 2,500 birds with over 150 exotic species. Encounter the world?s most beautiful birds, among them the Myna, Cockatoo, Toucan, Hornbill and Rhea. Stroll along the park pond and see flamingos and swans swimming amidst the tranquil ambience. This is the ideal place to enhance your knowledge on the feathered species.


Open : 9.00am - 6.00pm (daily)




Located along Jalan Kisap, 5 km north of Kuah town and 20km from the airport offers an attractive and exquisite range of glass products. Visitors will find a wide choice of skillfully crafted crystal items to suit every occasion. Here you will be mesmerised by the extraordinary glass blowing skills of craftsmen.


Open : 9.00am - 6.00pm (daily)





Overlooking beautiful Burau Bay in Langkawi, the Oriental Village is one of the region?s newest and most unique shopping, cultural and culinary destinations. Specially designed to provide a new concept in resort duty-free shopping, the Oriental Village also houses fine themed restaurants, reflecting Asia?s culinary delights. With over 470 brands and 17,000 products, the village offers shopping buffs a bewildering range of international designer labels and local products. Bold displays of culture and fashion and fascinating handicraft demonstrations by skilled craftsmen add to the enjoyment of shopping here. A delightful Inn completes the village concept while cultural and theatre performances enhance the Oriental theme that encompasses the village. Indeed, a blend of the traditional and modern intertwined with the local culture provides a unique experience for the visitor. Apart from excellent restaurants, a specially designed food court offers a variety of local fare. The Inn and the Club Bar provide an excellent rest stop for refreshments.


Open : 10.00am - 10.00pm (daily)




Padang Matsirat or the ?field of burnt rice? is the place where villagers torched the padi fields to prevent Siamese invaders from getting the rice grains. Villagers maintain that to this day heavy rain sometimes brings traces of burnt rice grains to the surface.




For the adventurous, Langkawi offers some truly unforgettable sights and experiences. A new tour that is bound to provide plenty of thrills to those who are game is the boat cruise to Kilim Nature Park, an escapade to another world. Spread over an area of 100 sq. km, Kilim Nature Park features a beautiful mix of well-protected green mangrove forests, isolated white beaches and blue lagoons. On the trail, along the calm winding river, you will be exposed to the wonders of the park?s marine ecosystem, flora and fauna and its natural habitats like the overhanging ?Bogak Trees?, Brown Eagles, Tree Crabs, Iguanas and Macaques. Enjoy the scenic and spectacular views of unique limestone rock formations emerging from the floor of the mangrove swamps and the sea. These fascinating geological wonders have been variously dubbed as the Temple of Borobodur, the Elephant Stone and the Hanging Gardens. Explore Gua Cerita (Cave of Legends) and Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave) steeped in fabled tales of mystery and romance. There are indeed many memories for you to bring back when your journey ends.




The highest man-made waterfall in the country at a height of 67 metres. The cool, cascading waters of the 3-tier waterfall is indeed a refreshing sight. Situated along Jalan Datai, the waterfall is unique as it flows over a 50-metre road cave tunnel. Driving through the tunnel, you can also see fascinating mini waterfalls, which complement the surrounding natural flora.





Features the island?s rich treasure trove of marine life. Located at the popular Cenang Beach, this aquarium features more than 5,000 types of aquatic life, exhibited in more than 101 tanks of different sizes. The highlight is a giant tank housing large marine species such as sharks, stingrays, moray eels and green turtles, with a 15-metre tunnel for visitors to walk through. Witness these magnificent - underwater creatures being fed for an enjoyable visit. At the New Wing, visitors have the chance to view the latest additions to the Underwater World - penguins and seals!


The Sub-Antarctic Rockhoppers and Blackfooted penguins will surely amuse visitors of all ages. They are fed twice daily at 10.30am and 3.30pm while the Harbour seals are fed at 11am and 3pm daily. Drop by these hours for a delightful experience! This new facility also has a three- dimensional (3D) theatre which airs informative documentaries on the island?s marine life.


Open From :

10.00am - 6.00pm (daily)

09.30am - 6.30am (School & Public Holiday)

PLACES OF INTEREST : Must Visit Places