Pahang?s numerous sandy beaches in the South China Sea offer endless bliss for sun-seekers. The warm and calm waters are ideal for water sports. Most of the state?s beaches are situated near to Kuantan. Take your pick from a wide range of beach resorts and the delightful beach activities.





Just 5 km outside of Kuantan is this lovely beach that?s an excellent spot for water sport activities like sailing, surfing, skiing and swimming. Taking a walk along the beach is also a popular night pastime. There is a walking path to a more secluded part of the beach where you can even pitch a tent if you like. It also includes various international class hotels and is very well known amongst local surfers, water skiers and sailors. Plus there are a myriad of nature trails at Teluk Chempedak Forest Reserve and the idyllic Bukit Pelindung for landlubbers.





The Balok Beach in the sub-district of Beserah, is the official venue of the armual international Windsurfing Regatta, the ?Monsoon Madness?. Catch the many stunts and antics of professional wind surfers as they boldly challenge the waves of Balok Beach. Many of the activities here revolve around the string of international resorts and hotels that line the beach. From Kuantan, Balok Beach is just 15 km towards the north.




Rustic Fishing Village - Kuantan


Just a little out of Kuantan, 8 km to be exact, you will find an old-fashioned fishing village with its own charm and exceptional splendor. What is unique about this quaint fishing village is the fact that water buffaloes are to transport the catch for the day, from the boats to the processing areas. Beserah is the only place in Malaysia where buffaloes are used on the beaches. The other fascinating thing that Beserah is known for, is its salted fish. Beserah also features a batik factory and many handicraft centres, which produce items made mostly of seashells and local materials.




Situated about 125 km from Kuantan, the quiet beach areas in Lanjut and Rompin are a haven for those seeking solitude. Go for a nature walk, view the spectacular display of fireflies or watch the nocturnal ritual of turtle nesting. Island hopping and diving trips can be arranged. These beaches are the venues for the annual International Woodball Competition and the Royal Pahang International Billfish Challenge. Two well-known resorts here are the Lanjut Golden Beach Resort and Summerset Colonial Villas.




Chendor Beach is known to be the turtle sanctuary where you can learn more about endangered species. Anytime between April to September you can experience how ?hawksbill turtles?, ?green turtles? and occasionally, the ?giant leather backs? lay their eggs on the shore. The ?painted terrapin? usually lays eggs at the river mouth and is one of the species on the verge of extinction. While you are in Cherating, make a trip to Chendor Beach which is only 3 km from Cherating, and let the turtles amuse your curiosity.


Chill out at



The surfer?s haven of Cherating on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is a popular backpacker destination that first began attracting surfers in the early 1970s. Chilling out in Cherating is about staying in bed late, taking your time with brunch, then hitting the warm waters and sandy beach just a few metres away. Mornings with light rain are just as magical as clear sunny ones as a medley of orioles and magpies wake you from slumber. The new section 0f Cherating has a string of big resorts including The Legend, Holiday Villa, Impiana and Club Med along the coastal trunk road. The old Cherating village comprises budget chalets, simple beach huts and caf? that are the hangouts of young globetrotters. Beach nightlife Is one of Cherating?s attractions. The evenings are all about putting on your most comfortable clothes and taking a slow, leisurely walk down the road, greeting fellow travelers, and heading for where the music is good, the aroma of food irresistible and the crowd friendly.


Pippin?s and Pop-In are beachside bars with good music and company. After dancing, playing snooker or enjoying pop tunes performed by live bands, you can round off the night with a stroll on the beach to admire the stars above. The rustic allure that draws foreigners to Cherating is a whole culture in itself, existing in stark contrast to the rest of Pahang?s coastal communities. Travelers from east and west transit here on their way to other famous Asian destinations. Same surrender to the charms of Cherating and stay longer. Every year, from November through January, the surfer culture heats up in Cherating as visitors, both local and foreign, hit the high waves, culminating with the popular Monsoon Madness Windsurfing Competition event in January. June through August is the time when summer vacationers from the northern hemisphere seek the warm sun and white sandy beaches.


Cherating itself has facilities such as Internet caf? and travel agents. Shops selling beach wear, plastic buoys, t-shirts, batik sear and souvenirs are aplenty. And the handful of restaurants, caf? and bistros make for memorable dining experiences. The area offers a variety of activities including snorkeling, kayaking and river cruise. The mangrove forest lining the banks of Cherating River boasts many different tree species, and is a playground for many creatures including snakes, otters and lizards. With a car at your disposal, explore the nearby coastal places. Those seeking urban comforts can drive south to Kuantan town, less than 30 minutes away. A drive down this coastal trunk road shows the simple village life enjoyed by the locals, with small eateries selling fresh seafood, local dishes, crafts and souvenirs. You?ll also pass through the equally gorgeous beaches of Balok, Batu Hitam, Beserah and Teluk Chernpedak with their white sandy beaches.




Cherating is about 46km from Kuantan and 1 5km from Kemaman. From Kuantan town, head north on Jalan Beserah, passing Teluk Chempedak and Batu Hitam beaches before the exit to Chukai. Exit and drive on until you reach the turn off to Snake Island (Pulau Ular). A few kilometres later, take the sharp bend to the right to find Cherating village.