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KL Hop On Hop Off


KL HOP-ON HOP-OFF – Tour and explore the diverse, contrasting and colourful scene of Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia’s only semi glass roof double deck bus. This tour, coupled with our insightful on-board commentary, will ensure that you experience all Kuala Lumpur has to offer.



Tour with us and experience Koala Lumpur like never before, and explore the city with a panoramic view to remember. See! Hear! Touch! the City with us and we shall indulge you with our original double decker tour of Kuala Lumpur :-

  • The Original Double Decker KL Tour runs seven (7) days a week with continuous circular rides daily, from 8.30 am until 8.30 pm with 30 minutes interval between each tour bus.
  • The tour stops at over 40 attractions including nearly a hundred hotels in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tickets are available on the bus, at all our authorized agents.
  • The tour goes by the “hop-on, hop-off” concept which allows ticket holders to hop on and hop off the bus whenever and wherever desired at all of our 22 stops.
  • The ticket in valid for 24 hours which gives you the freedom to view and roam the city at your own time and leisure.
  • Along the tour you will be guided through the history of Kuala Lumpur and places to go in eight languages. Hear and experience Kuala Lumpur in your own choice of language all day long.



Does the tour route cover all major sights?
Our tour route is the most comprehensive way to experience the magic of Kuala Lumpur. Not only does it cover all major attractions, the tour also includes key shopping centres in the city. KLCC, Twin Tower, Bintang Walk, Merdeka Squre, KL Tower, KI Sentral, Lake Garden, Petaling Street, Jamek Mosque, Sri Mariaman Temple, St. Mary’s Cathedral… Over 42 major sights and attractions.

Is there on board commentary?
We provide an insightful on-board commentary in english and other major languages.

Will tour guests be able to hop-on and hop-off?
Guests can hop-on, hop-off as many times at the various tour stops during the validity of the ticket. That is the reason we call our self “KL HOP-ON HOP-OFF”.

Does the bus route cover hotels?
The “KL HOP-ON HOP-OFF” tour covers more than 100 of the major hotels in the Kuala Lumpur city centre. Please check hotel listing at the map section to find out the location of your hotel in the city and the nearest KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus stop.

Are the tour stops easily recognisable?
Our bus stop is characterised by it’s highly colourful and visible signage.

Are tickets widely available?
Tour tickets can be purchased on the bus, travel agents, major hotels or from any official agent displaying our logo. You can also buy tickets in advance by calling our toll-free info line at 1-800-88-5546 .



This Ticket is sold for KL Hop-On Hop-Off KL Tour and purchase of This ticket is evidence of acceptance of the fallowing terms and conditions:

  • The ticket is valid for use on The Hop On – Hop Off for 24 hours from the time and date stated on the ticket.
  • The ticket remains the property of the Company and must be made available for inspection by the driver or any employees of the Company on demand.
  • The ticket is not transferable.
  • Neither the Company or other authorize agents or their employees shall be liable or in any way responsible for any death, accident personal injury, loss or damage which is not caused by the gross negligence by the earlier parties nor are they liable for any complains, claims, refund or exchange for any reasons whatsoever, including without limitation cancellation or postponement of the tour.
  • The Company and/or its authorize agents reserve all rights to change any tour, details of the tour, route of the tour, price of the tour, seating capacity on the bus or any other matters without prior notice.
    The Company and/or its authorize agents reserve all rights to postpone, cancel, delay or stop the tour due to adverse weather, non-conductive condition, any act of god, or any other cause beyond its control.
  • The Company and/or its authorised agents or their employees reserve all rights without refund or compensation to rebate admission to any ticket holder whose conduct is not suitable.
  • Admission to the tour shall be denied for tickets purchased at agents other than the Company’s authorised agents.
  • Any complain regards the tour, including but not limited to cancellation, refunds or any postponements, will be directed to the agent if purchased from them or to the Company if purchased directly from the Company unless specified differently by the Company.
  • Property taken onto the vehicle is the ticket holders sole responsibility and the company shall not be responsible to any lots or damage during the tour.
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are strictly prohibited in the bus.
  • All dangerous items suck that can cause harm and danger to other passengers or to the bus or to public is prohibited from the tour and the Company or their employees reserve their right to deny any admission cause by the later or to demand of the disposal of the item or confiscate the item.
  • The Company or their employees reserve their right to any public attest if in their belief a law of this country has been breached.
  • A child is defined as being aged from 5-12 years. Only one child, under 5 years old, per adult may travel for free provided they do not occupy a seat to the exclusion of a fare paying passenger.
  • Receipt of the ticket without immediate objection shall be deemed acceptance of, and agreement to the above conditions, and the Company?s full condition of Carriage.

Ticket holder understand and accept all risk whether happens prior to, during or subsequent to the event, including but not limited to any death, personal injury, loss, damages or liability.

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