Selangor, West Coast Of Peninsular Malaysia


Selangor is Malaysia’s most developed state and the state capital is at Shah Alam which is also the royal town. Selangor’s proximity to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. Selangor is also a fascinating destination in Malaysia with its rich pot-pourri of lifestyles and cultures.


Selangor is Malaysia’s most developed state. Located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, its nine districts cover about 125,000sq km. Much of the land in Selangor is developed but there are still large areas under vegetation which range from coastal mangroves to lush tropical rainforests. The state capital is at Shah Alam which is also the royal town. In 1974, the city of Kuala Lumpur and its suburbs were ceded to the Federal Government for the creation of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. The state-of-the-art KL International Airport (KLIA) located at Sepang in Selangor is the principal gateway to Malaysia. Selangor also has the most important port, Port Klang, on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the coastal district of Klang.

Selangor’s proximity to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, has made it important commercially as well as administratively and many government offices are within its boundaries. Strategic development projects in recent years have included the KL International Airport and the Multimedia Super Corridor and Technology Park. The state has the highest number of institutions of higher learning in Malaysia and its infrastructure and communications facilities rate among the best in the region. Development and infrastructure aside, Selangor is also a fascinating destination in Malaysia with its rich pot-pourri of lifestyles and cultures. Selangor is a shoppers paradise and there is a wide range of shopping opportunities in modern and luxurious malls as well as in traditional shops and night markets.


Travelling to Selangor’s convenient as It is easily accessible from all major cities and all parts of the country by air, road and rail. The national carrier Malaysia Airlines has a global network that spans six continents and a national network that covers more than 36 local destinations. The budget airline Air Asia covers selected destinations In the region and around the country. The Kuala Lumpur international Airport (KLIA) is located in Sepang, Selangor.

The state-of-the-art Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is the main gateway into Selangor. Its aesthetically pleasing architecture combines futuristic technology, elements of Malaysian culture and the rich tropical splendours of Its rainforest. The high-speed KLIA Ekspres takes only 28 minutes from KLIA to Kuala Lumpur. Taxis, buses and car rental services are available from the airport to designated destinations in Selangor.

The nations largest port is Port Kiang, with the ultra modern Westport complementing the sophisticated berthing facilities In the area. Nearby is the Star Cruises terminal, which was built exclusively for the convenience of tourists arriving on cruise ships. Smaller single facility jetties serve visitors from Dumal, Indonesia and the outlying local islands while private marinas welcome foreigni guests who wish to berth their yachts In comfort and convenience.

Visitors entering the country from Thailand and Singapore can make use of the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) or Malayan Railway. The KTM Kornuter services many out tying districts and nearby towns such as Kajang, Port Klang, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya and Rawang. It Is also linked to other rail transit services at the KL Sentral Station, a modern transportation hub In the city centre. SeIangor is accessible from Kuala Lumpur by the STAR and Putra Light Rail Transit (LRT) services.

An excellent network of roads provides easy access to any destination within the state. Selangor Is also linked to Singapore, Thailand and the rest of the peninsula by a system of tolled highways equipped with amenities such as rest areas, restaurants, souvenir shops and suraus (prayer rooms for Muslims).

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