Kubah National Park

Kubah National Park - Malaysia National Parks


Situated approximately 20km west of Kuching is the Kubah National Park. Covering an area of 2,230 hectares, it was gazette as a National Park in 1989. The area is largely composed of sandstone, siltstone and shale and lies in the shadow of three mountains – Gunung Serapi, Gunung Selang and Gunung Sendok. The crystal clear waters of fast flowing streams run down a series of waterfalls, some as high as 10m. The tranquil and picturesque setting makes it a popular destination for day-trippers.



Hornbills at Kubah National Park

Mixed dipterocarp forests predominate with patches of scrub and kerangas adding variety. The area is rich in palms and orchids which include species of Licuala, Rattans, Pantu, Pinanga, Appendicula, Dipodium and Eria are found in abundance. The cool forest, the nearby mangrove and the dissected terrain is home to a considerably large wildlife population. This includes the mousedeer, squirrels and the bearded pig. The loud calls of the black hornbills (Kenyalang), can be distinctly heard as you walk through the park. This venerable bird features prominently in many Iban religious ceremonies. Other notable inhabitants of the park are varieties of amphibians and reptiles.



Matang Wildlife Centre - Kubah National Park

Visit the Matang Wildlife Centre and see some of the endangered wildlife species of Sarawak in their natural environment. Visitors will also gain valuable insights into efforts to conserve these species and their habitats. Jungle trails meandering through the cool forests provide opportunities to observe the rich variety of plant life found here. If you’re quiet enough you may hear the loud “gronk” of the hornbills echoing through the forest canopy. The picturesque waterfalls provide perfect spots for picnics and cool refreshing dips after the energetic walks through the forest. Rest a while and take in the beauty of your tranquil surroundings before moving on to new pursuits. For an insight into the local culture visit the nearby longhouse (Rumah Jugah) on the banks of Sungai Rayu.



Accommodation at Kubah National Park

Visitors have a good choice of where they want to put up during their stay in Kubah. There are five large chalets with two air-conditioned bedrooms (six beds) and full kitchen facilities; three chalets with three bedrooms (ten beds), fans and full kitchen facilities; a hostel with three bedrooms (12 beds), fans and kitchen facilities as well as 19 units of jungle huts. 24-hour electricity supply, telephone service, a barbeque area, a mini conference room, as well as an audiovisual and video room are available.



Bus no. 11 of the Matang Transport Company plies the route between Kuching and the park. (Check with the Tourism Information Centre for the latest bus timetable). Taxis can also be chartered for a 40-minute trip to the park.

Map of Kubah National Park

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