Romantic Honeymoon

Romantic Honeymoon In Malaysia

Come… Let us take you on a journey of a million possibilities…


Malaysia, land of a million heady possibilities for starry-eyed lovers. Be it a traditional wedding ceremony amidst a rustic village setting, or an avant-garde blast in progressive Kuala Lumpur, this land will fulfill your heart’s desires for that dream wedding. If you yearn to run barefoot with your one true love on a tropical sun-kissed beach, die into emerald green waters, trek atop cool mist-shrouded mountains or trudge through dark primordial jungles, this is the land of the ultimate honeymoon. With its many scenic, cultural, entertainment and gastronomically attractions, plus easy accessibility from all over the globe, mesmerising Malaysia may just be the perfect setting for your dream wedding and honeymoon. Whatever exquisite Malaysian location you are looking to have your wedding and honeymoon at. rest assured there are many wedding coordinators or industry professionals on hand to provide you a customised package. In selecting a package. work with an industry professional within your own country, or make arrangements directly with a hotel of your choice. A state by state list of four and five star hotels and others offering wedding and honeymoon packages is provided.

Right from the details of your accommodation, to the wedding proper, and the much anticipated honeymoon. an experienced industry professional will ensure your arrangements get off to a flying start. Many top Malaysian hotels offer wedding packages that include everything from airport transfers and niceties such as flowers, welcome drinks, a basket of fruits and cold towels on arrival, to a luxurious honeymoon suite, breakfast in bed, an extravagant spa session and romantic candle light dinner for two. Some hotels will even throw in a Master of Ceremonies, photography services, the wedding cake, a wedding album and a hairstyling and makeup session for the bride. The more luxurious packages offer you a sunset cruise or a heli-golfing experience where you both dine in the jungle and are then whisked off by helicopter to tee off at mystical Mount Kinabalu, among other exotic golfing destinations. Once you get past the initial nitty-gritty arrangements, prepare to immerse yourselves in Paradise.



Honeymoon Beach Escapades

A heavenly meal, a gorgeous sunset, cool sand under your feet and the rhythmic lapping of waves – the perfect ingredients for an evening of romance by the beach.


Journey to the idyllic resort islands of Pangkor, Tioman, Perhentian, Redang and Kapas where you will find boundless beaches of powdery ivory sand, fringed by swaying coconut palms, surrounded by swaying coconut palms, surrounded by sapphire waters and graced by crimson sunsets. Discover hideaways of luxury at Andaman, Datai and Tanjung Rhu on the exquisite island of Langkawi. Or for complete seclusion, slip away to the private isle of Pangkor Laut. Across the South China Sea to Sabah and Sarawak, you will find sweeping coastlines and more bewitching islands, their indigo and emerald green translucent waters teeming with stunning marine life and spectacular coral reefs. Be it sea walking, snorkeling or scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking or parasailing, both of you will hold these magical experiences in your hearts forever. Indulge in luxurious five-star accommodation or the comfort of charming chalets sprinkled on Malaysia’s myriad beaches. Be it at Dalit Bay, Layang Layang, Sutera Harbour, Tanjung Aru, or even world renowned Sipadan, you will cherish your moments of magic together. Come. Steal away today and pursue your heart in this paradise by the sea.



Highland Romance - Malaysia Honeymoon Destination

You both rise from sweet sleep to wake inside what could be the mistiness of cloud. The coolness of dawn’s new dew envelopes your bare skin. The sweet scent of honey pine enshrouds your senses. Staring out of the open window, you realise… you are inside a cloud. Cuddling together, you watch the sun begin its majestic ascent over the plantations below, as your misty little sanctuary slowly dissolves.


Welcome to the highlands of tropical Malaysia. The perfect respite for love-birds seeking greener pastures and a cooler climate. Located on the main mountain rages of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak, the enchanting highlands offer charming hill resorts with temperatures averaging some 16o to 21o C. There is something about the fresh highland air, the generous open green expanses and breathtaking beauty of the countryside that sets the soul at rest and stirs up one’s ardor. At Cameron Highlands, you will find lovely little villages and market places where choice fruits, exquisite flowers and vegetables are in abundance. Be it the strolls through enchanting strawberry, butterfly and honey bee farms, the ambles through cacti, rose and tea plantations, or an English tea amidst the charming gardens of Tudor styled country inns, the ambrosial ambience here will rouse the romantic in both of you. Nearby, lies the tranquil little hamlet of Fraser’s Hill, albeit with a Scottish influence.

A birdwatchers’ paradise, it boasts myriad species of birds. or honeymooners looking for round-the-clock excitement, the metropolis in the clouds – Genting Highlands, beckons. Aptly called the ‘City of Excitement’, Genting Highlands boasts an abundance of indoor and outdoor theme attractions from romantic gondolas to thrilling roller coaster rides. Indulge in the countless outlets offering exciting shopping and dining experiences or the Casino de Genting, the many international performances or a leisurely game of golf. Whatever your fancy, this fast paced hill resort promises couples endless hours of frolicking fun. The nearby Bukit Tinggi Resort captures the essence of different cultures of the world in a single destination.

From the picturesque French styled Colmar Tropicale, to its Zen-inspired Japanese Village, to its thrilling horse ride trails, this resort is an enchanting setting for that out-of-the-ordinary wedding. At Penang Hill on the island of the same name, highland lovers can ride the funicular railway, explore enchanting nature trails, walk among 30-metre high trees as you take the canopy walk, and marvel at the gorgeous views of the island.

Across the sea to Sabah, you will find Kinabalu Park, Malaysia’s First World heritage site and home to South East Asia’s tallest peak, the mythical Mount Kinabalu. Here, lovers will revel in the wealth of flora and fauna, and spectacular waterfalls that seem to cascade from heaven itself. Trek through primordial jungle, up misty peaks, and finally above the clouds to catch an awe-inspiring sunrise, this one romantic adventure you will never stop talking about. Be it a grand highland styled wedding or a moonlit honeymoon in the clouds, you will find Malaysia’s hill resorts a breath of fresh air.



Return To Eden - Honeymoon In Malaysia

You both awake to watch the majestic sunrise through the leafy openings of the jungle’s dark green canopy. As streams of sunlight pour through to warm up the dewy jungle floor, a fine incense-like mist arises as if in adoration. How resplendent life is in this primordial place. And how much more exquisite is your love amidst the beauty of this Eden-like garden.


This enchanting land flourishing with flora, fauna and rainforests, caves and hills as old as time itself, conjures up images of the original Garden of Eden. Malaysia’s countless national parks and forest reserves, offer you the chance to get up close and personal with nature in all its glory. Be it Taman Negara in Pahang, Endau-Rompin in Johor, the Bako, Niah, Mulu and Lambir National Park in Sarawak or the Danum Valley in Sabah, couples have the chance to return to an Eden in all its innocence. The excitement heightens, when you chance upon the rare Rafflesia or the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros. Else where, Malaysia’s many botanical gardens, parks and wetlands offer couples a quite respite from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Take a walk through Penang’s luxuriant Tropical Spice Gardens to rejuvenate the senses.

Saunter over the majestic Poring canopy walkway in Sabah to provoke the pulses. Indulge in a romantic lakeside picnic with only graceful swans to keep you both company. Malaysia’s many natural attractions, some dating as far back as 130 million years old, offer couples in love a timeless experience. If you are looking to experience nature in all its purity or just simply want to take a walk on the ‘wild side’ come to Malaysia, where Eden awaits…



Passionate About The Past - Malaysia Honeymoon

The denizens of the pass call out from ancient walls within recounting tales of passion, of courage, of love once lost but found. Their mystifying cries reverberate as one with your heart’s own cry. Our story must be heard, they proclaim, Hear us, pass our whisper on.


Be it Malacca with its over 600 years of enthralling history, idyllic Langkawi with its tragic tale of innocent Mahsuri unjustly accused of adultery, or Sabah with its striking stories of legendary warrior Monsopiad, Malaysia’s rich and intricate heritage is just waiting to be uncovered. Add to this a people of diverse races, cultures, creeds and languages, existing in virtual harmony, and you end up with an undeniably rich tapestry of living colours. To those passionate about the past, this one intriguing fact stands out – the traditions and practices handed down by one generation to another are still being carried out in their pure form or with modern trimmings.

From wedding ceremonies to theatre, from handicraft to architecture, from village culture to politics, Malaysians have retained much of the cultural influences of the past and have infused these into modern life. Almost everywhere one turns, the symbols of the past beckon. Be it Malacca’s A’ Famosa, its Hang Li Po Well or its Kampung Kling Mosque; Penang’s Khoo Kongsi temple-cum-clan home or its Fort Cornwallis; Kuala Lumpur’s distinct Moorish styled buildings; the half-finished Kellie’s Castle; or the ancient Bujang Valley, Malaysia’s many heritage sites recount the extraordinary sagas of a people with a vision and a passion. Lovers of the pass will relish the fact that anywhere you turn to, even in the modern cities, they are never too far away from a wealth of cultural and historical attractions. If you are looking to experience Asia in miniature all at one go, come to culturally rich Malaysia, where the past is always present.



Wedding Destination In Malaysia

You walk slowly and regally towards the elaborately decorated hall with your family and friends, dressed in your striking Malay garb and flanked by colourful bunga manggar bearers. Upon your approach, the waiting hadrah troupe begin to beat their kompang. Their melodious singing in tune with the incessant beat of the hand drums sets your heart pounding.


Suddenly, you are waylaid by Mak Andam and members of the bride’s family. In jest and with much fanfare they demand that you pay the entrance fee to see your bride. You hand over the pre-determined amount knowing that it’s all part of the day’s revelry. Mak Andam and her party let you through. Your radiant bride sits there demurely in her traditional Malay array, eyes averted from you, a quiet smile playing on her glowing face. You take your place beside her on the wedding dais. As you both look purposefully straight out at you guests, family members begin to toss the fertility symbols – sprinklings of flower petals and rice – over the two of you. You both exult in groom are literally king and queen for the day. Malaysia’s rich tapestry of living colours offers couples an amazing array of traditional styled weddings to choose from.

You can opt for the elaborate Malay akad nikah and bersanding ceremonies , the luxurious Nyonya dowry presentation or the intricate Chinese tea ceremony. The latter ceremony involves the bride and groom serving little cups of tea to their family members and receiving ang pow or red packets containing money in return. An elaborate and sumptuous eight-course dinner reception follows.

The elegant Christian church celebration and the graceful Hindu temple wedding are other two available options. The Hindu temple wedding is a vibrant and colourful affair. It involves the bride and groom taking turns to lead each another around the ceremonial fire. The placement of the thali around the bride’s neck by the groom seals the marriage. The bridal couple is then showered with yellow rice, a symbol of prosperity and fertility. If you are looking to be wed the traditional Iban, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu way, the Sarawak Cultural Village allows you the opportunity to do so. Sabah’s Monsopiad Cultural Village can cater for an elaborate Kadazan styled wedding involving their entire clan and yours. Imagine an entire village heralding you and your bride-to-be with traditional fanfare and bearing witness to the sanctity of your union. Taking it one step further, some hotels offer special themed wedding celebrations – opt for a raucous pirate, primordial jungle or celebration of clowns theme. How extravagant an event you want really depends on your dream of a wedding that is truly different. Whatever your choice, your Malaysian styled wedding will be the one.



Romantic Cruise - Honeymoon In Malaysia

These are some of the magical moments that you will experience as you cruise along one of Malaysia’s myriad water bodies. Lover of lakes, will find a cruise on Malaysia’s many enchanting lakes a charming experience.


Take a leisurely boat cruise on Putrajaya Lake to admire its picturesque surroundings, or opt for a romantic boat ride for two on board the Malay styled gondola-like vessels, complete with personal boatman. Sunset cruises can also be enjoyed along one of Malaysia’s many enchanting islands. be it in luxury yacht, catamaran of fishing boat, there is nothing quite like an idyllic cruise with the cool wind and fine sea spray in your face, and your arm around your loved one’s waist. Whether it’s a cruise with some destination in mind or one to the middle of nowhere, you will enjoy the time spent taking in the enchanting views then dropping anchor to swim, fish, snorkel, kayak or just laze about on deck. There is also the option of island hopping or angling for barracudas or Red and White Snappers.

Nature lovers will relish the experience of feeding brown eagles along the calm and winding Kilim River in Langkawi. The cruise pass verdant green mangrove forests, quiet white beaches and gorgeous blue lagoons, all spaced out along the river, is truly an unforgettable one. If you have a fondness for luxury love boats, then the luxury Malaysian cruise ship Super Star Virgo will cater to your heart’s delight. Indulge in the romance of the sea as this floating five-star resort sails along the pristine coastline off the Straits of Malacca to the enchanting Andaman Sea, stopping at her exquisite ports of call. Whatever your fancy, Malaysia’s heavenly cruises will help whet your appetite for a romantic holiday experience.



Sensuous Retreats - Honeymoon In Malaysia

When the day is done and weariness sets in, what better way for lovers to be rejuvenated than through an exotic spa experience.


Be pampered like never before as you both soak in a concoction of aromatic oils, herbs and spices or luxuriate in the soothing sensuous strokes of a traditional massage. Malaysia offers a multitude of spa outlets to choose from. The more luxurious ones are visually breathtaking with decor and architecture that fuse traditional Asian influences with contemporary design. These retreats are designed to blend in with and maximize the serenity of the natural surroundings be it a beach, rainforest, mountainside, hot spring or city setting. Whether a spa treatment stands uniquely on its own, combines the spirit and traditions of Asia with the rest of the world, or is a signature treatment of that particular spa outlet, it has one ultimate aim – to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Whatever your preference, these spas offer couples the opportunity for sheer indulgence. Enjoy…

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