Diving At Pulau Lang Tengah Island

Diving At Pulau Lang Tengah Island


Pulau Lang Tengah Island situated in Terengganu. Its sparkling white sand and aquamarine waters are simply irresistible. The varieties of hard and soft corals and prolific marine life here make it a perfect destination for divers.


Translated from Bahasa Malaysia, Pulau Lang Tengah or Lang Tengah Island means an eagle resting on the middle island (Pulau Lang Tengah is between Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang). This away-from-it-all island has a number of resort operators and is easily accessible from the mainland via a 30 minutes speedboat ride from Merang Jetty.

Dive at Pulau Lang Tengah Island


Batu Kuching

This site got its name from a squarish boulder perched on top of other boulders that resembles a cat. The boulder terrain plunges down to about 20 meters where sea whips are dominant. Barrel sponges and hard corals form the seascape. Good place to see glass sweepers, wrasses, butterfly fish and snappers.

Terumbu Kuning – Yellow Reef

Located close to the two resorts, Terumbu Kuning is a rocky outcrop sloping to the sea bottom at about 20 meters. Hard corals dominate the reef providing refuge for shy groupers, barramundi cods and nurse sharks. While batfish, jacks and fusiliers swim about in the blue water.

Marine Life at Pulau Lang Tengah Island

Tanjung Nibung

Laut Angular-shaped rock bottoms out at about 25 meters at the sandy seabed. Located at the tip of the island, this site is usually swept by currents that attract pelagic fish life such as barracudas, jacks and if you are lucky, the hale shark. At the coral garden, butterfly fish, wrasses, rabbit fish and turtles can be observed.


Getting There

Malaysian Airlines (MAS) operates daily flights between Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu with a flight time of around 45 minutes.

Within Malaysia, there are many buses to Terengganu. From Singapore, take the Pan Malaysian Express (Tel: +(65) 2947 034) from the Kallang Bahru bus depot (of f Lavender Street). The journey takes about 9 hours.

Shahbandar Jetty situated in Kuala Terengganu City Centre. The Merang jetty is about 35 minutes away by coach from Kuala Terengganu airport, where you will take a 40 minute boat ride to Lang Tengah Island.

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