Diving At Pulau Tiga Park, Sabah

Dive at Pulau Tiga Park


Pulau Tiga Park surrounding reefs are shallow with healthy coral and water visibility ranging to 20m. A rich variety of marine life can be seen including nudibranchs, bamboo sharks, cuttlefish, marbled stingray and of course, a visit to nearby Snake Island guarantees sightings of banded sea snakes.


This is where ‘Survivor’, the famed reality TV series was filmed some years back. Pulau Tiga is situated within the Pulau Tiga park that was gazette in 1978 and located about 35 nautical miles southwest of Kota Kinabalu. Three islands make up Pulau Tiga Park, they are Pulau Tiga, Pulau Kalampunian Damit Or better know as ‘Snake Island’ and Pulau Kalampunian Besar. Pulau Tiga is believed to have been formed by the eruption of several mud volcanoes, which with the combination of subterranean gas pressure and expelled muddy sediment could have built up the islands to its present height of approximately 100m above sea level.

Diving at Pulau Tiga Park - Sabah

Several species of mammals, numerous birds (including the very rare megapode), a variety of reptiles and amphibians and hundreds of insects can be found on Pulau Tiga, making it a truly wild tropical island. It was no surprise when Pulau Tiga was chosen as location for the first US CBS TV series ‘Survivor. With only one resort at Pulau Tiga, you can guarantee a relaxed and tranquil dive holiday. Pulau Tiga Resort offers PADI dive courses and many dive site for the novice and experienced divers including some unexplored dive locations.

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